GOOD NEWS! I found my Adopted Kitty Boy Firecat’s Grampa!

Here are a few shots of Firecat, the first one was napping in a new place:



You’re really going to make me wake up?  Are you kidding me?
 He likes to sleep in really convenient places, like on the 2′ x 3′ rug in front of the food preparation area:
While he is a sleepy guy, he has a taste for fine sculpture…
He is a beautiful, big 23 pounds of fur and cat spirit and he is lots bigger than his buddy Teaser.
Teaser & Firecat
But when we saw this photo, we knew we had finally learned who was  Firecat’s Grampa.
Grampa Cat
Here’s his cousin:
Thing they all have in common, they are big, red and floppy when you hold them.

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